How to Properly Clean My Gutters

Plastic guard over gutter

Giving proper maintenance to a house is no easy task. Many homeowners prioritize the most common areas such as gardens, backyards, or interiors, but they forget one of the most important parts of their homes: the roof. Our roofing system protects our families and ourselves from environmental dangers; therefore, it has to be our top […]

Best Residential Roofing Contractors in Birmingham, AL

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Finding quality residential roofing services is no easy task nowadays. Many roofing companies can provide stunning results, but very few care about quality and durability. When it comes to the roof that protects you and your family from environmental dangers, quality is the most important thing to look for in products and installation.  If you […]

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection

Professional roof replacement US Shingle

Many homeowners consider their roofs until something goes wrong. Don’t make the same mistake and hire a professional roofing company to avoid future problems. Whether you need a roof replacement, complex repairs, or regular roof inspections; U.S Shingle is ready to provide you with the highest quality roof solutions in Birmingham. CALL US NOW Who […]

What to Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

Damaged roof in need of a Roof repair service

There’s never a convenient time for your roof to spring a leak. No one ever wants to have water leaking from the ceiling, especially if you have visitors in your home. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to mitigate the damage and, most importantly, prevent future leaks. Here are four tips of what to do […]

Professional Roof Replacement

Professional roof replacement US Shingle

Looking for the best roof replacement services in Birmingham? Look no further than U.S Shingle. We’re committed to providing homeowners like you with the highest quality roofing solutions. Forget about expensive repairings, we can give you a brand new roof for you to enjoy the safety of your home and an exceptional customer experience.    […]

Do I Need to Clean My Roof?

Gutter cleaining services in Birmingham, AL

Many homeowners invest a lot of time and effort in making their homes look clean and fresh. Mowing the lawn, repainting, and shoveling the walkway are some examples of the most common home maintenance activities that people can perform with no help. However, we tend to forget one of the most important parts of our […]

When And How To Check Your Roof’s Condition

When And How To Check Your Roof’s Condition

Spring is the best time to give your home a thorough cleaning and inspection inside as well as outside. After the long and wet winter months, our home’s exterior can become dirty with grimes and molds, which can lead to damage or rot. Spring cleaning should include not only cleaning and repairing your home’s exterior […]

How to Get Your Home’s Roof Ready for Spring

How to Get Your Home’s Roof Ready for Spring

Buying a home is something most people look forward to for their entire adult life. Making this dream a reality will be difficult, but is it worth the time and energy you invest. After your purchase a home, the real work will begin. Homeowners spend around $1,000 a year on maintenance. When trying to keep […]

Ready for Winter? Four Tips to Help Prepare Your Roof

Ready for Winter Four Tips to Help Prepare Your Roof

With wintertime steadily creeping up here on us in the greater Birmingham area, colder weather and snowy conditions are almost guaranteed as the season starts to change. While a blanket of snow can transform the most mediocre backyard into a dazzling winter wonderland, it can also do a serious number on your roof. And snow […]